Thursday, October 16, 2008

Favorite Tool


Karena said...

Can you explain this cartoon? I would expect a Socialist level as opposed to Marxist. I understand the "class struggle" issue, but Obama's government-run healthcare & "tax the wealthy" ideas smack of wanting the middle class (Proletariat) to replace the wealthy (bourgeoisie) and end the "class state" (communism) thus destroying capitalism ( a Marxist ideal). Why did you chose Marxism?

Buzz Skyline said...

Although I'm supporting Obama this year, this cartoon makes a legitimate point about the issues. It's a bit over the top, of course, but hey, that's what political cartoons are all about.

On the other hand, his ears seem to be getting bigger as the cartoons progress.


Donna Front said...

Yes, I had a choice of level lables. Capitalism seems to be the target, the elite will not want to give up status.

The ears were easier to enlarge than having a nose grow longer as campaign rhetoric increases.