Thursday, October 16, 2008

Faithful Employee


Karena said...

Why can't many people see this ACORN mess for what it truly is? Ohio is in disarray. Will we ever really know what the tally is for this election? It would be interesting to see how many Dems vs Reps were registered by this group.

Buzz Skyline said...

It takes more than falsified voter registrations to defraud the voting process. They would have to also get people to show up at the polls claiming to be the fake voters. It sounds to me like it was ACORN that was victimized by bad employees who should have been registering real voters, but instead were filling out the forms fraudulently to collect a paycheck.

An excerpt from the Las Vegas Review-Journal ( reads,

"According to an affidavit filed by the secretary of state, the canvasser was interviewed and told investigators that meeting the daily quota was difficult because it was hot outside and potential voters rejected her invitation to register."

Marian said...

Thanks for the site-
I was working at a Hamilton Co.,Ohio poll that year and was so pleased to learn how our county maintained the voting machines and scheduled the poll workers.
We didn't have the problems Florida counties had in 2000.The poll workers took the task seriously.
Political partisanship was not an issue.
I am now so sad about the way that the State of Ohio and Hamilton County have handled the 2008 voter registration.
Take care al.