Sunday, October 12, 2008

Change For His Wallet


Karen Lorenz said...

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Way are women willing to follow Obama, a Black man that wont even honor our flag and his VP who does not understand his potential job description? Why are they not willing to support a War hero who loves this country and patriotic woman who will break the glass ceiling that we have been fighting to destroy for decades?
The ACORN scam is only the tip of the iceberg. When ones political strategists and supporters are pandering for votes from ex-cons in PA and it is advertised as a GOOD political move on the news, then I can see how ACORN can register 8 yr olds to vote and think that is OK. We know this ACORN issue dirty, but what is further beneath might even be scary as well...

DR said...

Why can I vote for Obama?

Obama represents hope and ideals that will turn back the honest mistakes of Bush and counters the failed economic experiment of “trickle down economics”, aka Reagon Economics, that has done nothing more than draw a brighter line between the rich and the poor by dwindling down the number of middle class citizens.

Bush truly thought he was doing the right thing by invading Iraq but his decisions were swayed by half-truths and outright lies by Dick Chaney. Over 30 years ago the average American realized that Vietnam was a mistake and demanded that our political leaders remove our troops from that war. Did that make those who turned against the war un-American? No it did not.

Ask yourself; does McCain really mean any change at all? Did you wake up this past month and realize that the value of your home is now less than your mortgage? Did you see your food bill go up dramatically because fuel prices have jumped? And lastly do you really think that the war on terrorism will be won in Iraq?

The powers that be knew that the prime mortgage was a time-bomb ready to go off and they did nothing but profit from the inflated housing market prices. And as a result the Republican economic game plan has collapsed and the average person is now not only worried about their retirement but the stability of their employment.

As for getting us off the dependency on fossil fuels, McCain has been part of the problem and not the solution in finding alternates to our countries energy needs. At least Obama wants to try to find an alternative to oil in the next 10 years.

And just because I said the war in Iraq was wrong even before it started, don’t even dare to say I as well as others are un-American. Just as I would not say that because you supported the war you are un-American.

This country will soon wake up and realize that Bush’s supposed war on terrorism is no more winnable than the war on poverty or the war on drugs. There will always be poverty. There will always be drug addiction. And yes, there will always be terrorism be it Muslim extremists or home grown American terrorists like Timothy McVeigh. All we can do is strive to contain poverty, contain drug addiction, and contain terrorism. We can never stop fighting poverty, or fighting the drug trade, and we can never stop fighting terrorism. But when we start giving away our freedoms and constitutional rights as Americans in the name of war on terrorism, then it is time for real change and not lip service.

Re-think your support for McCain. This country deserves better and that person is Barack Obama!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear dr.
This is a Republican apologizing for not paying you when you were a poll watcher for us. Your long-delayed $50 check is in the mail.

Who? said...

They are all the same... Go go Ron Paul, he is making a comeback, from the way way back... in 25 words or less...

Karena said...

In the words of one great man "Senator Obama, I am not President Bush, if you wanted to run against President Bush you should have run four years ago. I will take this country in a new direction.”
I believe him. Yes, my food bill went up and life is more pricey. But McCain will bring change.

Obama says a lot of stuff, but will his team of advisors be as sketchy as his friends and allies are now? I'm sorry, but I lack kind of faith that will blindly follow an eloquent speaker with bad relations. I CAN put trust in the honest man with a track record that speaks for integrity and faith in our flag and what it stands for.
We have a new and obviously very unpatriotic young voting generation following Obama. Maybe they should have been to more flag raising ceremonies, done time in the military, or time with some WWII vets that can enlighten them as to American history and what our flag truly means.
A man who cannot salute the American flag is not and American at all. I say NO WAY to allowing that man to lead my country!

Buzz Skyline said...

At a modest interest rate of 3% per year, David's original $50 should be worth about $101.64 today. (Sorry, all those Econ classes have ruined my brain.)

Of course, the national debt has risen by about $4 trillion in the last eight years, increasing the amount the Republican administration has put David in hock by about $53,000. Someone is going to have to pay it, but it might be Iain and Juan (or their kids) rather than David.

Alternatively, we could take it out of Social Security and medical care for seniors over the next few decades to make sure that the people who voted for the current administration can have a chance to settle up the tab.


Anonymous said...

The labor he got for free, that should more than cover the difference.

Buzz Skyline said...

There's no free labor (or free lunches), you have to pay now or pay later.

Donna said...

The labor was free to dr, from me. Your labor you got for free also, not quite as many hours as dr got, but still, labor such that you will never experience.....Love.......Mom

Buzz Skyline said...


Now I understand. I'm a little slow.


Karena said...

dr said "Bush truly thought he was doing the right thing by invading Iraq but his decisions were swayed by half-truths and outright lies by Dick Cheney." Whet about Colin Powell? Did he not agree we should invade Iraq in search of WMD"s? And now he has jumped on the Obama bandwagon. Between Biden and Powell, Everyone seems to be doing and about-face to join the Obama club!